21 Years of Dilmah


In the 1950s, father dedicated his life to tea. His vision was quite simple; tea that is grown and harvested by us in Ceylon with so much care and expertise, should be packed and shipped directly from Ceylon to consumers around the world. It made no sense then, as now, to take handpicked, garden fresh tea and mix it with tea from elsewhere. That may lower the cost of the tea, but it certainly denies people who appreciate tea and its benefits, the enjoyment of real tea. It also causes fresh tea to lose the richness of its flavour and its natural goodness.


He struggled against large corporations which foresaw that his success would cause serious problems for them. It took him 38 years but finally, he succeeded in 1988, in offering consumers the first producer owned, garden fresh, unblended, ethically produced single origin tea. He named his brand after us, Dilhan and Malik – DILMAH.


It has been twenty one years since that day and tea drinkers around the world have helped take father’s dream beyond anything he ever imagined. On the 21st Anniversary of Dilmah, we join him in restating our commitment to the family values on which he founded his Dilmah. The world is a different place today; commercialization and the dominance of large corporations make genuine commitment to Quality, Authenticity and Ethics uncommon, but we believe that as a family business, built on integrity, that these are human values which none of us can afford to abandon.


Thank you for choosing Dilmah. You made father’s dream come true, and in doing so, you have realized the dreams of thousands of underprivileged people in Sri Lanka and abroad, who have benefited from our commitment to making our business a matter of human service.


Thank you.