Our naturally caffeine-free herbal infusions are brimming with special herbals, Sri Lankan herbs, spices, and fresh Rooibos enhancing the aroma and taste with natural antioxidant goodness.

Green Rooibos with Ginger & Peppermint

Sparkling mint, lightly spicy
A sweet, minty fragrance and bright amber liquor introduce a deliciously refreshing
natural infusion. The lightly nutty flavour of Rooibos is elegantly extended by a fresh,
sparkling mint and next a spicy, ginger note. A gingery finish with highlights of mint
linger pleasurably.


Green Rooibos with Lemongrass and Spearmint

Softly citrus, mildly minty
With the fragrance of springtime, and an inviting amber liquor, this is a fresh and delightfully refreshing infusion.
Lemon, herbs and mint enliven the palate and leave a lingering herbaceous finish.


Green Rooibos with Cardamom, Ginger and Orange

Fruity, orange, hint of spice
Orange and grapefruit aromas and a bright and inviting amber liquor lead to a delicious infusion with the sweetness of cardamom and orange,
grapefruit notes and the gentle embrace of ginger.


Tangerine, Rose & Grapefruit Natural Infusion

Fruity, sweet & sour
A deep red liquor with the fresh, fragrance of grapefruit and lemon unveils an
explosion of berry flavours and a refreshing finish with light rose and citrus notes.


Bergamot Orange, Peppermint and Lemon Natural Infusion

Floral, herbal, minty fruitiness
Sweet citrus and mint aromas are the prelude to this gentle infusion that hides a
sparkling surprise. Orange and Lemon dominate, yielding to a sparkling mintiness that leaves the palate cool and deliciously refreshed.


Red Rooibos with Turmeric, Ginger Root, Chocolate and Almond

Delicious, rich, mild sweetness
A rich fragrance, heavy with chocolate introduces this delicious fusion of natural flavours. Almond first,
then chocolate and a mildly piquant ginger root to complete the sensational infusion.


Green Rooibos with Coconut & Mango

Tropical fruit, nutty
An inviting fragrance of ripe, tropical mango and a bright, amber liquor offer a delicate, fruity infusion,
with a lingering sweetness and hint of coconut in the finish.


Rooibos with Ceylon Turmeric, Cinnamon, Ginger & Nutmeg

Aromatic & rich fusion of spice
An enticing aroma and a dark amber liquor lead to a complex infusion,
with herb and caramel notes yielding to mild pepper,
spice and a gingery finish.


Pure Camomile

Inspiringly light, delicate and golden, Camomile flowers are gentle and aromatic.
The clear infusion is tinged with a fruity note to offer a sophisticated infusion.


Pure Peppermint

Invigorating, rounded with a gentleness that leaves the palate refreshed and clean.
Light, with a sharp minty character and an olive green liquor.


Naturally Spicy Berry

Pure and natural infusion with a complex, fruity taste balanced with a touch of spice.
Tangy Raspberry or Orange smoothened by Strawberry and Cinnamon notes, making a sophisticated infusion.
A wonderful afternoon beverage, taken hot or iced.


Naturally Zesty Lemon

Pure and natural infusion with a prominent Lemon character embraced by the characteristic ‘warmth’ of Ginger.
Balanced and refreshing, with the sharp, tangy lemon note appealingly grounded in a ginger base.


Rosehip & Hibiscus

A tart penetrating, infusion, its rose red liquor revealing an invigorating beverage.
The Hibiscus tempers the sharpness of Rosehip giving it a slight softness. Ideal taken hot, with a touch of honey or iced with sugar.


Organic Rooibos

Mild & Refreshing Pure Organic Rooibos. Naturally Caffeine Free.


Lemon Verbena

Natural Lemon Verbena produces an amber coloured herbal infusion with citrus, herb and mild spice notes.
Mild in character, a clean and refreshing herbal infusion with a gentle lemon finish.