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Amaya Fernando

Amaya Fernando

Granddaughter of Mr. Merrill J. Fernando

Legend. Inspiration. A man of many names but one which stood out the most was Man of God. Seeya, your contribution to society and dedication to Dilmah inspires me everyday to strive to be just like you one day. Your story is the definition of hard work and humility, from a young boy working to put Sri Lanka on the map for its tea to the success that you have become today, I could not be more proud to say that you are my grandfather. Every time someone asks me, usually pointing to a packet of Dilmah, isn’t that your grandfather? With the
biggest and proudest smile I say, yes that is.

You’ve been a role model to not only me and our family but to so many young people looking for that specific something to make them stand out, you have clearly shown them that no matter who you are or where you come form that nothing stands in the way of your dreams. Seeya, your contribution to the MJF foundation, Dilmah and our family is one we cannot thank you enough for.

Humility, integrity, honesty, successful are some words that come to mind when I think of you and what you have made yourself after 70 years of hard work. You have gone through countless hard times but you always get through them through your obedience to God and your will power which pushes me to be the best I can be, Seeya not only do you show people the best in you, but you also bring out the best in others, through the influence that you give them.

Through your years, now, i hope you can see how much you’ve been blessed and how loved you are by all of us. Seeya, enjoy your achievements and luxuries that you’ve been given because you have earned every thing you have right now.