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Devin Fernando

Devin Fernando

Grandson of Mr. Merrill J. Fernando

From the time I was little, I visited tea plantations and factories with my father and Grandfather. I enjoyed playing in the tea fields while seeya and thathi did their work in the factory. As I grew older, I began to understand what seeya had achieved throughout his amazing life.

Every year in December we visit seeya’s village in pallansena and seeya distributes parcels of dry rations to hundreds of deserving families. when I see the village that he came from I am proud and amazed at what he has achieved through a lot of hard work.

I think from all that seeya has achieved the most valuable lesson he has taught me and my siblings is his giving to the poor through his Foundation. So many children, women and family’s today are benefiting and their lives are being changed through the help and support of the Foundation. At the end of every year, my family and I attend a concert held by the children of the Foundation. It’s amazing how much they have achieved and benefited from the Foundation.

Seeya I am so proud of how much you have done throughout your life and thank you for all you have done for us may god bless you with health,happiness, peace and joy.

Love Devin,