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Gunasiri Fernando

Gunasiri Fernando

Tea Taster at Dilmah Head Office

I am 70 years old and have spent more than half of my life with Dilmah, passionately living in my element and doing exactly what I love. I had the privilege of working alongside one of the best businessmen in the world - Merrill J. Fernando. My close collaboration in the early years with MJF would later go into influence on my approach to work. He took me under his wing and helped me learn the ropes of business & tea tasting. From day one, he supported me and always believed in me.

MJF did not confine himself to his profession but he took great interest in an array of subjects from shipping marketing and every aspect of designing and he did not hesitate to share his expertise with his employees. From a clerk to a tea taster I have been blessed to work with a gentleman like him who put all of his heart and soul and intellect to building his business. His passion for tea and devotion to his craft is unrivaled.