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Kavindu Madhushan

Kavindu Madhushan

Surf Instructor at Borderlands Adventure Centre at Cape Weligama

MJF Centre at Cape Weligama gave me a chance to take a chance in life when I lost all hope. When I failed my O/Ls, I felt worthless and useless, and above all, I don’t know what was my purpose in life. I spent a year at MJF Centre in Weligama learning the skills I thought I would need to turn my true passion - surfing into a career. In a time where new interests were taking hold of my imagination, I trusted my instincts and joined Borderlands Adventure Centre at Cape Weligama at the age of 18 as a surfing instructor. Life in the ocean is endlessly fascinating. Every time I ride a perfect wave, catch a glimpse of the graceful whales and go kayaking in the waters, I imagine what it is like to discover the unseen beauty in nature that surrounds us. That feeling pushes me to dive deeper into my job and aspire to work my way towards my dreams. Thank you Merrill. J Fernando for instilling a desire in us to dream.