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Reggie Paul

Reggie Paul

MJF Kids Programme Coordinator - Peliyagoda & Maligawatte

For me, there is no greater joy than seeing teenagers, who would have ended up on streets as dropouts or delinquents - transforming into responsible young adults with a purpose. It is no mean feat to have the courage to overcome your own worst self, find one’s worth and right to flourish free of abuse. This is made possible thanks to our Founder, Merrill J. Fernando.

In 2006, I led the first-ever MJF Kids Programme in Peliyagoda and Maligawatta, working with children & youth from urban slums who are at the risk of succumbing into debauchery in society. I have a challenging job that is rewarding on so many levels. The success stories of our Alumni reflect on how we engage & empower youth by channelling their energy into productive activities that influence positive behavioural change.