How to make the perfect cup of tea

In most countries, a cup of tea is an integral part among many other things that one may do in the morning. Everyone probably has their own guide to tea making- the debate is whether the tea leaves go in first or after, or whether it is milk-in-first-or-after. However, fear not, just follow our expert tips on how to make the perfect cup of tea, and you will do so, every day!

Here’s our guide to making a perfect cup of tea:

First, it’s important to choose a good tea Good tea is generally made the difficult way, which is the traditional, artisanal way and always maintains the purity of its origin. It is also generally handpicked, perfected and packed at source - so that the freshness retains. Second, choose a cup you like. Once you have chosen the tea and the cup, it’s time to get some water boiling. Always use fresh and filtered water. Ensure your kettle is free of limescale or sediment and fill it with the water. Boil water to 100C, avoid boiling the same boiled water more than once, as that can change the taste profile of the tea.

Making the perfect cup of tea requires your attention from start to finish. So, once the water is boiled, leave it for a few minutes to cool down and pour into cup with tea bag or tea leaves. The duration of how long your tea is brewed is important, as it can determine if your cup of tea will be light or strong. For this, 220ml of water per one tea bag which would contain 2.5 grams of tea is preferred.

The brewing times may differ depending on the type of tea you consume White tea, green tea and oolong is best brewed for 2-3 minutes while black teas and infusions taste the best if brewed for 3-5 minutes.

Once your tea has been brewed you can either have it plain or, if enjoy adding milk, always remember that the milk should only be added to a strong brewed black tea. It’s best to use warm milk to avoid rapidly cooling the tea. Afterall, a perfect cuppa is best enjoyed hot!