Is Dilmah Tea good for you?

Is tea good for you? We say YES based on the findings of Dr. Tissa Amarakoon and Prof. Robert Grimble in their book ‘Tea & Your Health’. However, if you’re wondering if tea is good for health, we’ve got a few answers to help you figure it out!

Tea contains antioxidants, with studies claiming that Black and Green tea both, have similar health benefits. You can now relax with literally any cuppa knowing that you’re helping your body and your mind. The benefits of drinking tea range from helping prevent non-communicable diseases to calming one’s mind.

The tea Dilmah produces is the world’s first single-origin Ceylon tea and is the only tea brand that is committed to bringing tea straight from their tea gardens to your tea cup, retaining its freshness and therefore, a majority of antioxidants too!

The freshness of Dilmah teas come with a few things; foil-sealed packaging in our tea bags have good oxidation resistance. Hence it protects the tea from moisture, mildew and is anti-counterfeiting. This ensures that our tea is always fresh and retains its aroma without any change. Second is that our teas are handpicked from the tea estates that are known to be the best in the world. This is what makes our tea unique. Most tea brands import teas from multiple countries and mix them advertising it as ‘Ceylon Tea’. Combining teas from multiple sources and delays in packing after harvesting can destroy the taste and freshness of the tea. However, we, at Dilmah, manage our own tea gardens where the tea leaves are been handpicked, processed within 24 hours, and packed at origin. This process we follow makes tea more flavourful and healthier when it reaches you!