Is Dilmah Tea Ethical?

Dilmah is the world’s first ethically sourced tea. And what does this really mean?

Our teas are entirely produced in Sri Lanka and with a portion of profits shared with the wider community, to improve the lives of the tea estate workers and the community at large through the work carried out by the MJF Foundation.

As an ethical tea brand, we have no middlemen benefitting from the business we do. We directly access the market with tea that is picked, perfected and packed at source. By eliminating middlemen in the operational process, we guarantee our customers that our teas are not blended with teas that come from other origins.

We place great emphasis on the quality of the tea we produce to make a beverage that is both healthy and enjoyable. Every day, we look into the science of tea and we make attempts to learn and practice sustainable ways of growing tea crops, using the best ingredients and technology that can help in retaining the freshness and goodness of our teas.

We owe our success to the quality of Ceylon tea Our business was found on an enduring connection to the land where tea is grown and the community that helps us with the operations. Therefore, we extend a significant amount of our profits to two entities; Dilmah Conservation & MJF Foundation that are dedicated to foster respect to the environment, to ensure that the damage we do to the environment is minimum and to address the challenges faced by men, women and children from the underprivileged and the marginalized communities. Dilmah is therefore, ethical tea as we work with many, providing those in need education, skills training and entrepreneurship opportunities so that they can take control of their futures without fear.