Tea and Weight loss

Tea and health doesn’t sound like a match made in heaven. But, surprisingly researchers have found that compared to most beverages, health benefits of tea are greater. Tea has the biggest impact on losing weight and in weight maintenance.

In fact, health benefits of tea are plenty. A cup of plain tea without any milk or sugar contains almost zero calories and the flavonoids in both black and green tea helps weight reduction through several mechanisms. These include reduced fat absorption from the digestive tract, increased energy expenditure by increasing the rate of metabolism and through alterations in fat metabolism resulting in reducing synthesis and storage.

Any type of tea which is naturally rich in flavonoids and catechins are contributors for weight reduction provided it’s not combined with sweeteners and flavorings.

Tea and health go hand in glove as tea is especially good for those watching their calorie intake. As tea contains very little carbohydrates, proteins and fat making, it is an ideal beverage that could replace unhealthy snack breaks.

What tea helps you lose belly fat?

Many human clinical studies on health benefits of tea and its effect on obesity and weight reduction show that consumption of tea contributes to weight reduction and reduces risks of obesity. Early studies have established that tea and polyphenolic extracts from tea have the ability to reduce weight and body fat.

According to studies on the effect of tea on body fat reduction in women, researchers have found that continuous green tea consumption is associated with significant reduction in body fat and reducing waist circumference in women.

Similar studies on tea and health in US, Japan and the Netherlands have also revealed that flavonoids and catechin intake over time contribute to body weight reduction and weight maintenance.

black,green and white tea contains large amounts of flavonoids and catechins that support weight loss. Studies have confirmed that tea catechin consumption enhances exercise induced reduction in abdominal fat.

Tea versus coffee for weight loss

Caffeine is the common substance found in both tea and coffee which is often considered the most consumed stimulant across the world. The amount of caffeine in a cup of tea or coffee could vary due to many reasons such as the variety of tea or coffee, method of processing, brewing and so on. However, in general, coffee contains higher amounts of caffeine than tea. An average cup of tea could contain 15 – 60 mg of caffeine while in coffee it could be 60 – 150 mg.

In addition to the stimulant effect, caffeine could also increase the energy expenditure in the body. However, research shows that the contribution of this mechanism to weight reduction is relatively low.