Dilmah is unique - a brand that is founded on a passionate commitment to quality and authenticity in tea. It is also a philosophy that goes beyond commerce in seeing business as a matter of human service. The brand strongly believes in sustainable tea production.

Tea is Nature's gift to mankind. A beverage that heals, protects and refreshes, it is also infinite in variety, changing subtlety with the natural alchemy of sunshine, soils, wind, rain and temperature. This beautiful variety in tea is as much a challenge as a deliciously indulgent reward for whilst nature gives us a tea to suit every mood and desire, she demands expertise in understanding and selecting the finest. That expertise can only come from passionate commitment to tea.

Dilmah’s founder, Merrill J. Fernando, declared his commitment to tea when in the 1950s he devoted his life to tea. Four decades later he was joined by his two sons, Dilhan and Malik (after whom he named his Dilmah Tea) who share his passion. Today, sixty years on, Merrill and his sons have acquired the expertise to grow tea, pack and offer consumers around the world only the finest.

Herbal Plantation in a Hillside

Creating Eco-Friendly Tea Gardens

Students are Learning in a Classroom

Facilitating Nature Studies

A Fish Swimming near a Coral Reef

Conserving Marine Habitats

Conservation Books of Dilmah

Sharing Knowledge

Field of Tea Plantation

Making Business Climate & Ozone Friendly

Tea Leaves in a Tea Plantation

Bioregional Initiative

A Man Controlling a Snake using a Flute

Empowering Communities

Yellow Frog on a Tree

Facilitating Discovery of New Amphibian Species

Solar Panels on a Factory Roof

Commitment to Sustainability

A Butterfly on a Plant

Where Butterflies Dance…

Plants in a Pot

Encouraging Sustainable Agriculture

Face of an Elephant

Asian Elephant Conservation

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Human Service in The Tea Gardens

A Man Polishing Timber

Small Entrepreneur Programme

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Enabling The Differently Abled

A Woman who is Sewing

Women’s Empowerment

A Female Sewing Clothes

Mjf Kids Programme

Measuring the Weight of a Child by a Nurse

Community Welfare

Eggplants Being Held by a Man

Prison’s Small Entrepreneur Programme – Reform & Integrate

Fruits Filled Basket Being Carried by a Man

Local Heroes – Changing Lives

Women Making Hand Bags and Baskets

Empowering the North of Sri Lanka

Pouring Water into Plants with a Traditional Pot

Water Conservation

A Little Girl Smiling

MJF Centre Moratuwa

People Holding Bows and Doing Archery

Sports for the Differently Able