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The tea leaves are grown at the Rilhena Estate in Sri Lanka, and are harvested and processed within hours of plucking so that they may retain their optimal quality in freshness and taste. In addition to this, the tea is well received due to its health qualities such as the absence of any form of additives, preservatives, artificial colours and flavours.

The success of Dilmah is shared with the underprivileged. The powerful expression of Merrill J. Fernando’s pledge to make his business a matter of human service is in the thousands of lives transformed by the work of the his foundation in the areas of education, health, community development, care for the elderly and differently able and the environment.

  • Nestled amongst the greenery in the distance, is Dilmah’s Rilhena Estate where our Real Iced Tea is produced. Tea-pluckers bring their haul here where it is processed the same day, thereby retaining the freshest quality and taste.

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  • The unwavering principle of good tea: The famed ‘two leaves and a bud’ approach is what defines good tea. The flavour and goodness of tea is locked here, fulfilling Dilmah’s promise of producing unrivalled tea.

  • Freshly plucked tea leaves undergo an initial process before they become the tea we all know and love. Withered and oxidized (depending on the type of tea), they are also rolled to release their precious ingredients and contribute to a better taste.

  • A state of the art, ISO 9001: 2008 & ISO 22000:2005 certified manufacturing facility which is based in the same estate as where the tea is sourced, is utilised to make the tea concentrate. Dilmah has invested in custom-built equipment that is consistently maintained to ensure purity and utmost cleanliness.

  • The childcare centre, an initiative by Dilmah Founder Merrill J. Fernando has nurtured and watched over children of the estate workers for years. Whilst their parents earn a living to support their families, Dilmah has taken the responsibility of their children on board, ensuring they are educated and taken care of through the integration of a variety of interactive programs

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  • The brilliant colours of Sri Lanka splashed above our Rilhena Estate making for a stupendous view.

  • Dilmah has always been about giving back to the community and the environment; in light of this, the bio-char programme was introduced. The aim of this initiative is to decrease the amount of artificial elements in the soil and to improve its productivity by 50%. Thoughtless human actions have deteriorated the soil conditions of Sri Lanka, and bio-char was introduced to mitigate it.

Our Teas

Following years of experimenting with different combinations, The Dilmah Real Fresh Iced Tea Range made its debut in Australia introducing three tantalizing flavours namely Lemon & Lime, Peach & Pear along with Honey & Ginger. The launch comes at a great time for Australia as they gear up for the summer months ahead. With temperatures that can sometimes soar up to 40°, these iced teas come as a welcome refreshing option.

Dilmah Real Fresh Iced Tea Peach and Pear

A summery flavour combination that lingers long after your last sip!

Dilmah Real Fresh Iced Tea Peach and Pear Dilmah Real Fresh Iced Tea Peach and Pear

Dilmah Real Fresh Iced Tea Lemon and Lime

A refreshingly soothing beverage for one of those swelteringly hot days!

Dilmah Real Fresh Iced Tea Lemon and Lime Dilmah Real Fresh Iced Tea Lemon and Lime

Dilmah Real Fresh Iced Tea Green Tea with Ginger and Honey

An iced-tea to heal all your senses with the goodness of green tea, ginger and honey.

Dilmah Real Fresh Iced Tea Green Tea with Ginger and Honey Dilmah Real Fresh Iced Tea Green Tea with Ginger and Honey