Container of Original Breakfast Tea with Tea Leaves

Dilmah Silver Jubilee

Dilmah tea had made a mark with its fresh, single origin, 100% pure Ceylon tea. However, we needed to produce something spectacular to celebrate 25 years infused in the goodness of Dilmah tea. To explore its diverse varieties whilst remaining true to its origins, and giving this 5000 year old herb a touch of the 21st century whilst embracing the time of its ancestors. Introducing the Silver Jubilee Gourmet range, a fitting celebration for the tapestry of tea Dilmah has woven across over two decades. Revel in the flavours of Blood Orange & Eucalyptus, Mandarin & Marzipan Pekoe and Pure Darjeeling Singe Region Tea.

Dilmah Difference

Water droplets on top of Dilmah Jubilee Courmet Tea Container Dilmah is distinct, as it is Traditional Tea that is Single Origin Tea, packed garden fresh to maintain its quality. "My family cares for your teas, from the tea nursery right to your teacup", is how Founder Merrill J. Fernando describes his Dilmah Tea, as it is made in the 'orthodox style', a centuries old process which starts with handpicking the leaves and continues through to the withering, rolling, oxidation and firing. This method produces tea that is varied and sophisticated.

This process of producing tea is remarkable at a time when most big brands continue with commoditization, with CTC which is a relatively recent production method that sacrifices the body and soul and tea, basically all that is special in tea. "Tea without a soul" is how Merrill J. Fernando describes this type of tea. Each pack of Dilmah tea carries Merrill J. Fernando's personal guarantee which reflects his complete commitment to his tea.

Single Origin Tea is unblended tea that retains one of the most desirable features of tea which is terroir - the sense of place. Terroir gives tea from different regions and countries a unique identity. Dilmah is Garden Fresh, which guarantees a rich and satisfying cup that is potent in healthy antioxidants.