A Traditional Home Coming

A Traditional Home Coming


  • 120ml Ceylon Rose and Mint Tea
  • 40ml Assorted Dried Fruit Syrup

Assorted Dried Fruit Syrup (advance preparation is required)
  • Dried Red Dates 40g
  • Dried Longans 50g
  • Dried Figs 80g
  • Dried Goji 20g
  • Spring Water 1500ml
  • Brew Dried Red Dates, Dried Longans, Dried Figs, Dried Goji in 1500ml Spring Water for 45 - 50 minutes.

Preparation Instructions

  • Rinse a Chinese tea cup with hot water.
  • Add the assorted dried fruit syrup into the hot tea cup. 
  • Pour in Ceylon Rose and Mint Tea, stir well together.
  • Garnish with red dates, dried figs, dried longans and goji.