Dilmah Dragon Ceylon Tea

Dilmah Dragon Ceylon Tea


  • 60ml Dilmah Silver Jubilee Ceylon tea with strawberry
  • 10ml Dragon Vodka
  • 01pc Strawberry
  • 10ml Homemade Vanilla sugar syrup

Preparation Instructions

Brew 1.5 grams of Dilmah Ceylon tea with strawberry and allow it to cool.

Chilled the Martini glass with ice tea cubes made by Ceylon tea and strawberry.

Drop slice of Strawberry & Vanilla sugar syrup in a shaker and muddle.

Pour Dragon vodka in the shaker.

Add Dilmah Ceylon tea and Strawberry tea to the concoction with ice tea cubes and shake well.

Use a double strainer to pour cocktail mixture into the chilled Martini glass.

Tea Ice Cube

Boil Aqua Fresh water in the boiler till it reaches 75 – 80 degrees Celsius.

Take 1.5 grams Dilmah Ceylon tea with strawberry Tea in teapot.

Add boiling water to the tea.

Stir while water is being poured into the tea.

Allow tea to brew for at least 5 minutes.

Strain the tea to another tea pot and allow to cool to room temperature.

Pour the tea in cylindrical molds and freeze to make ice tea cubes of Dilmah Ceylon tea with strawberry.