Who Cares for Nature

In an effort to highlight the importance of mainstreaming sustainability, conserving Sri Lanka’s biological wealth, restoring ecosystems, supporting environment and nature education and empowering indigenous communities, Dilmah Conservation organized a two day event in January of 2014 for the general public. The event saw a large public audience that included children as well as environmentalists of all ages.

A wide range of activities such as puppetry, drawing and sculpting that focus on connecting youth with nature was available for children attending from across the nation. Nature Photography workshops were held for aspiring photographers along with panel discussions and a enlightening lecture on ‘Man’s Role in the Natural Ecosystem’ by Dr. Bill Jackson for the attending nature lovers. The event included cultural demonstrations by the indigenous Veddah and vibrant Ahikuntaka Communities which brought together the differing cultures and allowed those attending the event to connect and communicate with these important communities. A similar event is set to be held again in May of 2017.