Reconciliation through the Power of Nature

The 30 year long civil war in Sri Lanka caused many divisions and misunderstandings among communities in the North/East and South. The ‘Reconciliation through the Power of Nature’ initiative seeks to bridge these gaps through nature-oriented programmes which educate children from these areas on Sri Lanka’s natural heritage.

This programme has so far provided underprivileged children and youth the opportunity to visit many areas of natural significance around Sri Lanka and attend a comprehensive series of classes and workshops to share information and learn about birds and nature through exchange programmes and field excursions. The programme’s partnering organization ‘Center for Children’s Happiness (CCH) in Jaffna’ has also organized a ‘Nature and Environment Studies Certificate Course’ and established Nature Appreciation Clubs within schools. As part of this programme, Dilmah Conservation is also privileged to be one of the first private-sector organizations to support the translation and publication of Nature books in Tamil in the North and East of Sri Lanka.

Dilmah Conservations hopes to reconcile communities, create a common Sri Lankan identity and integrate future generations through nature.