Biochar Production and Bioremediation

Biochar is a type of solid charcoal produced from heating natural organic materials such as plant matter, household waste or manure. This stable form of carbon is rich in nutrients and can remain in the soil for hundreds to thousands of years. It has great potential to absorb toxic substances towards restoring and reviving contaminated environments. In addition, Biochar improves soil functions, as well as nutrient and water retention. Studies also suggest that 12% of global greenhouse gas emissions could be offset by the production and use of Biochar.

Dilmah Conservation has constructed a Biochar Kiln which uses waste tea to produce Biochar, which is then applied to Dilmah’s tea estates. Use of Biochar at the estates aid in reducing harmful chemical fertilizer use and organically improves the quality of plants as well as surrounding ecosystems and environment both above and below ground. Biochar application at estates also contributes towards Dilmah achieving its Carbon Neutrality Goal.