Strengthening Conservation within Our Estates

With a view to establish eco-friendly tea estates, Dilmah Conservation facilitated research on the quality of water and the diversity of freshwater insects inhabiting water bodies within the Dilmah estates. The results obtained showed all sampled water bodies to contain good quality water based on WHO guidelines. Watershed management and enhancement activities will be established to maintain this quality within the estates based on the recommendations presented in test reports. Within Dilmah’s headquarters in Peliyagoda, Sri Lanka, water usage is greatly reduced by the use of sensor and automatic taps which reduce use by 60%.

Biodiversity assessments were also conducted on Dilmah’s tea estates, one such assessment revealed Hunuwela estate to be a significant repository of Sri Lanka’s biodiversity. Dilmah Conservation is carrying out various habitat preservation and restoration and watershed management activities, in Collaboration with IUCN Sri Lanka, to improve and maintain ecological integrity of the estate. Steps are also being taken to promote responsible eco-tourism and recreation activities, including the establishment of an educational nature trail.