Dilmah is committed to the conservation of nature and heritage in Sri Lanka


sustainable dilmah

Dilmah Tea is founded on the philosophy of ‘Business as a Matter of Human Service’ which is strengthened by the pillars of Quality, Tradition, Our Customer, Ethics, Integrity and Sustainability. In line with these core values, Dilmah directs a tenth of its profits towards social and environmental development initiatives which are implemented by the MJF Charitable Foundation and Dilmah Conservation.

Dilmah Conservation was established in 2007 as Dilmah’s environmental arm and an affirmation of its core commitment to sustainability. Since its inception, Dilmah Conservation has engaged in numerous projects under four focal areas – Heritage, Biodiversity, Sustainability and Communications – which are geared towards mainstreaming sustainability, promoting research and environmental education, biodiversity conservation, habitat and ecosystem restoration, and empowering traditional communities.