Watte Life

Watte is available in select Gourmet and Speciality Stores around the world. If you would like to experience Watte and it is not offered in your locality, please let us know via Contacting Us.

The Watte Fine Porcelain Tea Service

Taste is only the final step in the enjoyment of Watte. One should first nose the tea for its aroma, and view the tea in the cup to appreciate the hues and colour and its layered depth. Traditional teacups are not perfectly suited to this sensory exploration, and we recommend the use of the unique Watte Tea Bowls. Modelled on the Tasting cups used by our Tasters in tasting and evaluating over 5,000 teas each week, these bowls have the perfect whiteness and internal curvature to allow discerning Watte drinkers to enjoy their teas. Each Watte Tea Service is supplied with a porcelain teapot, two tasting bowls and a Watte Tea Cosy to keep the contents of the pot warm in cold climes. Additional bowls can be ordered on request.