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Dilmah Real High Tea

High tea offered by even the finest hotels around the world leave out a crucial element in their service – good quality Tea. Dilmah,the family tea brand that has become synonymous with quality and tradition in tea seeks to bring Real Tea back to the traditional High Tea ceremony. It is now a world famous tea competition which is revolutionizing the industry.

Dilmah Real High Tea made its debut in 2007 and continues in an endeavour to bring pleasure through the understanding and appreciation of Quality, Freshness, Variety in tea. Real High Tea also aims to enhance that pleasure with tea gastronomy, to offer tea aficionados a truly enjoyable High Tea, that shares the story in each tea, offers the tea perfectly brewed and elegantly presented, accompanied by sweet and savoury cakes, pastries and sandwiches that are harmonious in taste.

"Back to the traditional portion sizing and the real complementing of tea which has been lost in modern high tea. It was really nice to learn about the teas, really enhanced our knowledge of teas. It has given us a whole new outlook on using teas in food"

Alison Howard & Grant Turner,Stamford Plaza Brisbane
(Winners of the 2012 Australia Real High Tea Challenge)

Logo of Real High Tea Global Challenge

The Dilmah Real High Tea Challenge

The objective of the Challenge is to create awareness amongst hospitality professionals,of real tea, its preparation, and presentation to discerning guests. Its achievement is to create an understanding of the enormous potential for any hospitality operator, in offering quality tea.

The Dilmah Real High Tea Challenge is an exploration of a contemporary high tea. It has traversed continents with this quest, starting in Colombo, Sri Lanka and continuing through Perth,Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Auckland, Singapore, Chile and Netherlands. This journey will culminate in a Global Challenge which will take place in 2015 in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Not merely a culinary challenge, our Real High Tea demands an intelligent and creative approach to tea.

"Right now everyone is going for High Tea. So we feel it is the best time to showcase all the teas"

Selvana Chelvanaigum & Ian Jones, The Tea Rooms of the National Gallery of Victoria
(Winners of the 2012 Australia Real High Tea Challenge