Tea Accessories

Various Tea Sachets,Tea Cup,Tea Can and a Bouquet of Flowers

Bamboo Sachet Vivid Closed (12 Slot) Presenter

Introduce a world of colour with this 12 slot, closed Bamboo Presenter to house your Vivid teas according to your heart’s desire.

Six Slots of Tea Sachets with a Tea Can and a Cup of Tea

Bamboo Sachet Vivid Closed (6 Slot) Presenter

These 6 slot closed Bamboo Presenters are the perfect companion to your preferred Vivid teas.

Twelve Slots of Tea Sachets

Bamboo Sachet (12 Slot) Open Presenter with Perspex

Reach for your tea with ease at your next meeting with these open 12 slot Bamboo Presenters, beautifully displaying all your chosen Vivid teas in a riot of colour!

Sachets of Dilmah Tea

Bamboo Sachet ( 6 Slot) Open Presenter

Our open 6 slot Bamboo Presenters are perfect for a smaller setting where you can place specially selected teas in an arrangement of your choice.

Various Sachets of Tea next to a Cup of Tea

Bamboo Sachet (4 Slot) Cafe Open Presenter

Easy to display and alternate teas in, this 4 slot open Bamboo Presenter allows your customers to easily view and select their tea of choice.

Tea Sachets Next to a Cup of Tea

Bamboo Sachet In-Room (3 Slot) Presenter

For those cosy holidays away, try our 3 slot open Bamboo Presenter with a choice between 3 types of Vivid teas.

Sachets of Dilmah Tea in a Wooden Box

Sachet Bamboo In-Room Presenter

For your absolute favourite Vivid tea, this one slot Bamboo Presenter enables you to place it in a prime position to be viewed and enjoyed at any time!

Twelve Different Flavoured Cans of Dilmah Tea

Vivid Two Tier Tray

Display and store your Vivid Teas with convenience through the use of this specially designed two-tier tray, capable of storing upto 12 caddies.

Vivid Mug and a Teapot

Mug and Pot

Enjoy tea with a little help from our porcelain-ware! The ‘Opatha’ tea-set includes a teapot which holds upto 400ml in quantity, while the teacup holds upto 160ml, capable of serving up tea for two.

Case Filled with Tea Sachets

Vivid Sachet Presenters (12 Compartments)

Compartmentalise and organise your Vivid teas as you please with this 12 compartment slick presenter. Sort by a favourite tea, infusion or tea type!