Earl Grey Seared Australian Beef


  • 300g Beef Tenderloin (Tasmania, Australia)
  • 1.2Lt Water (Aequo Panna)
  • 100ml Milk (High Fat Content)
  • 10g Butter (High Fat Content)
  • 10ml Olive Oil (Cobram Estate, Victoria, Australia)
  • 50g Sour Cream (Lismore. Sydney, Australia)
  • 1 Lemon, Zest (Fresh)
  • 2 sheets of Gelatine
  • 90g Horseradish (Fresh) (Melbourne, Australia)
  • 250g Dilmah Vivid Aromatic Earl Grey Tea
  • 1 pnt Mixed Mushrooms (Melbourne. Australia)
  • 200ml Cream (High Fat Content)
  • 1 Lemon. Juice (Fresh)
  • 50g Creme Fraiche (Yea. Victoria. Australia)
  • 150g Sugar (CSR) (South Australia. Australia)
  • 1 pnt Micro Salad Mix (Melbourne. Australia)
  • 2 pnt Assorted Australian Native Succulents (Adelaide. Australia)
Horseradish Pannacotta
  • 90g horseradish
  • 100ml milk
  • 50g creme fraiche
  • 200ml cream
  • 2 sheets of gelatine
  • 50g sour cream

Preparation Instructions

Clean Beef Tenderloin and cut in half. Shape Beef by rolling into a round shape with cling wrap and set in fridge or freezer overnight.

Make Earl Grey tea marinate with the tea and water making a strong brew (5 to 7 minutes) to marinate the beef. When using the brew make sure the marinade is at 40 degrees then marinate for 30 to 45 minutes.

Remove Beef from marinade then place Beef into Earl Grey Syrup for 30 minutes to continue marinating.

Remove Beef from Syrup, ensuring you keep both and set aside.

Roll Beef in dry Earl Grey tea until fully covered.

Sear Beef Tenderloin on all sides to golden in colour. Let Beef rest after being seared and then slice.

Cold Drip Tea

Using a cold drip apparatus:

Fill your top chamber with 500ml mineral water(we prefer Aequo Panna) and cover with lid.

Add 15 grams of tea leaves to the middle chamber and wet them ever so slightly.

Cover with a pre moistened paper filter- this will assist with spreading the water drops evenly.

Turn your drip lever under the top chamber until you are obtaining a 1-2 drip per second speed onto your tea leaves.

Leave to drip for approximately 6 hours. or until the top chamber is empty.

Earl Grey Dressing

Using remaining liquid f rom the beef marination. Put all liquids in a pot and reduce with 150g sugar on a med to high heat until it comes to a thick consistency. Now add lemon juice. The Syrup will becoming the dressing for the beef.

Horseradish Pannacotta

Bring all ingredients to the simmer, soak gelatine, take mixture off heat. and add gelatine and season.

Place into tray. Cut or scoop out of tray to serve.

Assemble Tea Beef Carpaccio. Mushroom. Horseradish Pannacotta. Lemon Zest. Earl Grey Dressing and Australian Native Succulents.