Pushing the Boundaries

Chamomile mousse paddle pops with a layer of beehive honey are glazed in white chocolate and served with nougatine tuille and white chocolate circles.


Nougatine Tuille
  • 300g Toasted Flaked Almonds
  • 300g Castor Sugar
  • 300g Glucose
  • 225g Soft Butter

Honey Layer
  • Organic Bee Hive Honey

White Chocolate Circles
  • 500g White chocolate
  • 50g Coco Butter
  • 5g White Food Colour Powder

Chamomile Mousse
  • 300ml Cream
  • 20g Vivid Range Gentle Chamomile Tea
  • 70g Mascarpone
  • 100ml Chamomile infused Cream
  • 30g Castor Sugar
  • 130ml Cream, semi whipped
  • 20g Gelatin, softened in cold water

White Chocolate Glaze
  • 175ml Milk
  • 1 Vanilla Pod, cut in half and seeded
  • 40g Glucose
  • 6g Gelatin, softened
  • 450g White Coverture Chocolate
  • 5g White Food Colour Powder

Preparation Instructions

Nougatine Tuille
  • In a medium saucepan, make a dry caramel with the sugar and glucose.
  • Then gradually stir in the butter, followed by the almonds.
  • Pour onto baking paper, place another piece on top and roll out thinly.
  • Place into the oven at 170°C and bake for 10 minutes or until golden brown.
  • Cut into desired shape.
Honey Layer
  • Pipe 10g each in rectangle moulds and allow to freeze.
  • Reserve until needed.
White Chocolate Circles
  • Melt 300g of the white chocolate up to 45°C seed in the remaining 200gm of chocolate. Melt the coco butter and blitz in the white food colour.
  • Temper the chocolate to 28 -29°C and use.
Chamomile Mousse
  • Place the cream into a medium saucepan and bring to the boil over high heat.
  • When it has reached boiling point, take off the heat, add in the chamomile tea and stir.
  • Cover and allow to infuse for 30 minutes stirring every 10 minutes.
  • After the 30 minutes, strain the cream.
  • It should weigh 100ml. Boil the cream and sugar.
  • Once the cream mixture has come to the boil, stir in the softened gelatin and strain over the mascarpone, whisk until smooth.
  • Allow the mixture to cool then fold in the semi whipped cream.
  • Over a bowl of ice, allow the mousse to cool, whisking every so often to avoid splitting.
  • It is best to have the inserts ready before making the mousse, so that you can start assembling the paddle pops immediately.
White Chocolate Glaze 
  • In a small pot warm the milk, glucose and vanilla pods and seeds.
  • When the milk has nearly come to the boil take off the heat and whisk in the gelatin.
  • Strain over the white chocolate and white food colour powder.
  • Use a wooden spoon to stir together then emulsify with a clean hand blender. Ensure to not allow as much air in as possible.
  • The glaze needs to be made the day before. When glazing the paddle pops, the glaze should be at 33°C.