Various Tea Sachets With a Tea Cup, Teapot and Various Desserts

Bamboo Sachet SJG Closed (12 Slot)/06 Presenter
(12 slot Bamboo Presenter closed)

Categorize and classify your Silver Jubilee teas according to your choice with this 12 slot closed Bamboo Presenter. Arrange them according to flavour, type or infusion!

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Dilmah Tea Sachets next to a Cup of Tea

Bamboo Sachet SJG Closed (6 Slot)/06 Presenter

Arrange your selected Silver Jubilee teas as you wish with this 06 slot closed Bamboo Presenter.

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Dilmah Teapot and a Dilmah Tea Cup


Enhance your tea experience with our fine ‘porcelain-ware designed to complement the tea. The ‘Dunkeld’ tea-set consists of the teapot which holds upto 400ml in quantity, while the teacup holds upto 160ml, making it ideally a tea for two.

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Timber presenter Filled with Tea Sachets

12 Compartment Timber Presenter for Sachets

This structured, storage presenter provides an easy solution for compartmentalising and organising different teas.

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Dilmah Containers of Tea in a Row

Timber Racks

These carefully designed and crafted display timber racks, are of FAC certified material, and are the ideal accessories for a lobby or for your boardroom.

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