Eight Imperial Treasure Gelée

A medley of Dilmah’s apple pie and vanilla tea, dried chrysanthemum flowers, dehydrated longan, white fungus, red dates, rose buds, wolfberries and winter melon candy strips


  • 80g Apple Pie & Vanilla Tea (Vivid Series)
  • 500ml Mineral Water
  • 3pcs Dried Chrysanthemum Flowers
  • 3pcs Dried Longan
  • 15pcs Winter Melon Strips
  • 6g Dried Wolfberries
  • 4pcs Dried Rose Buds with Peeled Petals
  • 2pcs Dried Red Dates
  • White Fungus
  • 3g Agar-Agar Powder

Preparation Instructions

  • Brew 2 tbsp. of Apple Pie & Vanilla tea with mineral water for 3 minutes, strain
  • Infuse Apple Pie & Vanilla tea with the rest of the ingredients
  • Add Agar-Agar powder into the mixture
  • Pour into desired mould and chill for 2 hours or until the mixture sets
  • Served chilled