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    Commemorative Teas

    A gift from Nature to a tea grower whose commitment to quality and purpose goes beyond profit.


    Anecdotes, stories and hidden wisdom of what a life devoted to tea can achieve.

    • Purpose eBook

      The Purpose Beyond Profit

      Dilmah was formed by its Founder, Merrill J. Fernando, as a business that is also a matter of human service. This booklet presents an overview of how we maintain an uncompromising commitment to fulfilling that purpose by sharing the success of Dilmah Tea.

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    • Letters from a Lifetime of devotion

      Letters from a Lifetime of devotion

      Heartfelt letters written to Merrill J. Fernando by the many lives he’s touched.

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    • Cup of Kindness

      Cup of Kindness

      A life dedicated to tea, that has always been about kindness, generosity, thoughtfulness and humanity.

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    Letters from a Life Devoted to Tea

    • You are a wonderful mentor and role model and you have been a tremendous inspiration to many of us.

      Forbes and Walker

      The Directors and Staff of Forbes & Walker Group

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    • Best wishes on your birthday

      Kumudini & Feizal

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    • Dear Sir, Today is your Birthday . The significance of this day is beyond just your Birthday.

      The Shipping And Logistics Team

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    • It is with great joy that I am sending to you your birthday greeting. Indeed I thank the Lord for watching over you all these years since we first met in the late seventies when i came to Colombo to see you with my company plan to set up a manufacturing plant for children book.

      Sam, Evelyn, Amanda, Andrew and the Yeo's family

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    • Greetings for a very happy birthday and may this new year you embrace bring you good health

      Mahes Salgado

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    • Dear Mr. Fernando Happy Birthday and Many Happy Returns! God Bless Doreen Yeo /DSEA

      Doreen Yeo /DSEA

    • With our very best thoughts and blessings to the BEST TEA MAKER IN THE WHOLE WORLD.

      Raul and Imelda Martinez

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    • Dear Sir, Happy Birthday! Enjoy your special day! From Rotec Family

      Rotec Family

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    • You have been a remarkable inspiration for our country and to the whole business world. Must say, honestly today is the first time I saw you, and I'm very glad I did via LinkedIn.

      Manisha Kulasinghe

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    • Wish You A Very Happy 91st Birthday Mr. Fernando !

      Nerisha Perera

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    • On this special day of you, I would like to bring my wishes to for a long life, Healthier and safe life. Wish you a very happy birthday! Bandara

      Wijebandara W.M W.M

    • Happy Birthday and Wish you great health and peace of mind, Mr. Fernando. Your inspirational entrepreneurship is a legendary example of what Sri Lanka can do in Global stage.

      Indika Fernando

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    • Happy Birthday Mr Dilmah! You are an inspiration to many people out there!


    • You have made this world a better place. Touched many lives ( and lips) across this world. You are an inspiration to us all.


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    • In this very special date of your 91st birthday, I would like to let you know that you have one more admirer since Feb 2020.

      Daniela Bonvino

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    • Congratulations on your birthday. You are truly an inspiration, I am sure you are blessed with love, health, and happiness.  I am so lucky to know someone as special as you – the Living Legend Mr. Merrill J. Fernando.

      Manjit Singh Gill

    • I was reading about you from my childhood and your a one of my hero in my life.

      Venura De Silva

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