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    Commemorative Teas

    A gift from Nature to a tea grower whose commitment to quality and purpose goes beyond profit.


    Anecdotes, stories and hidden wisdom of what a life devoted to tea can achieve.

    • Letters from a Lifetime of devotion

      Letters from a Lifetime of devotion

      Heartfelt letters written to Merrill J. Fernando by the many lives he’s touched.

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    • Cup of Kindness

      Cup of Kindness

      A life dedicated to tea, that has always been about kindness, generosity, thoughtfulness and humanity.

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    • The Teamaker

      The Teamaker

      A story of a man with a passion for tea and a lifetime of devotion to a purpose that goes beyond business.

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    Letters from a Life Devoted to Tea

    • Congratulations Merrill, I wish you more strength in our "cuppa" and a long and healthy life ahead of you.

      Tissa Atapattu

      Lifelong Friend

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    • Even our Prime Minister will have him round for a cup of tea.

      John Burton

      Dilmah Partner - New Zealand

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    • Merrill became the ultimate advertising asset – a believable presenter
      Because he lived his product. I was confident we had a living legend in the making.

      Daron and Shirley Curtiss

      Advertising Partner, New Zealand

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    • I wish you all the best and long life to serve the world.

      Dileep Chandralal

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    • One day , when this life is over ,you will be very surprised when you see the Glorious Mansion that our Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ our Lord have prepared for you using every good work you have done here on this Earth !!!

      Ranil Glen Seneviratne

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    • I’ve got 2 heroes in my life. One is my father and the other is Mr.Dilmah.

      Naveen Mannapperuma

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    • With best wishes from Russia, the Cherkasov family. Thank you for the joy that you bring us by doing your job.