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Anecdotes, stories and hidden wisdom of what a life devoted to tea can achieve.

  • Letters From a Lifetime of Devoted to Tea

    Letters From a Lifetime Devoted to Tea

    Heartfelt letters written to Merrill J. Fernando by the many lives he’s touched.

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  • Cup of Kindness

    Cup of Kindness

    A life dedicated to tea, that has always been about kindness, generosity, thoughtfulness and humanity.

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  • Business is a Matter of Human Service

    Business is a Matter of Human Service

    Thousands of lives have been transformed thanks to MJF’s philosophy of appreciating the value of being humane, something he has devoted his life to.

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  • The Teamaker

    The Teamaker

    A story of a man with a passion for tea and a lifetime of devotion to a purpose that goes beyond business.

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Letters from a Life Devoted to Tea

  • Congratulations Merrill, I wish you more strength in our "cuppa" and a long and healthy life ahead of you.

    Tissa Atapattu

    Lifelong Friend

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  • Even our Prime Minister will have him round for a cup of tea.

    John Burton

    Dilmah Partner - New Zealand

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  • Merrill became the ultimate advertising asset – a believable presenter
    Because he lived his product. I was confident we had a living legend in the making.

    Daron and Shirley Curtiss

    Advertising Partner, New Zealand

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