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Anecdotes, stories and hidden wisdom of what a life devoted to tea can achieve.

  • Purpose eBook

    The Purpose Beyond Profit

    Dilmah was formed by its Founder, Merrill J. Fernando, as a business that is also a matter of human service. This booklet presents an overview of how we maintain an uncompromising commitment to fulfilling that purpose by sharing the success of Dilmah Tea.

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  • Letters From a Lifetime of Devoted to Tea

    Letters From a Lifetime Devoted to Tea

    Heartfelt letters written to Merrill J. Fernando by the many lives he’s touched.

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  • Cup of Kindness

    Cup of Kindness

    A life dedicated to tea, that has always been about kindness, generosity, thoughtfulness and humanity.

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  • Business is a Matter of Human Service

    Business is a Matter of Human Service

    Thousands of lives have been transformed thanks to MJF’s philosophy of appreciating the value of being humane, something he has devoted his life to.

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  • The Teamaker

    The Teamaker

    A story of a man with a passion for tea and a lifetime of devotion to a purpose that goes beyond business.

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Letters from a Life Devoted to Tea

  • Dear Mr. Fernando!

    On behlf of Dilmah Hungary team I wish you a very happy birthday with..

    Zsófia Somlai

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  • Some thirty four years ago I got a chance to taste a cup of great black tea. At the time I was not familiar with the brand, but its intensive taste and aroma made an impression on me.

    Sigitas Kalmaitis

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  • Happy super younger 92th birthday dear Merrill, it's a great honour to salute you in this special day and I do really wish you the best for your new coming year and a great celebration with your family and friends in Sri Lanka.

    Cristian Pastene

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  • Kia Ora Mr Fernando,

    The philosophy that you created through your brand Dilmah, has been one that has resonated with me since I was a kid. Not only did your delicious Ceylon tea make the nation of Sri Lanka proud but also gives us Sri Lankans living away from home pride in our nation.

    Senuka Sudusinghe

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  • Dear Mr. Dilmah

    I would like to thank you all your beautiful and enjoyable teas from Sri Lanka. I buy your teas about two reasons...

    Daniel Gonczol

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  • Many years ago in 2001, I wrote to Dilmah tea in regards to it not being available in the City in Canada, I resided in.

    Susan Lloyd

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