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Endane Estate Sapphire Pekoe

Endane Estate Sapphire Pekoe

Endane Estate Sapphire Pekoe

Produced From:

Endane Estate

A small batch of 240 kilogrammes of an outstanding single estate Pekoe 1 was handpicked and handmade with the onset of perfect tea making weather in January. Endane Estate was first established in 1925 and this tea is made from buds and leaves that are handpicked from the original seedling tea planted nearly a century ago, at 314 metres above sea level on Endane Estate’s Madalgama Division.

The short, beautifully curled leaf brews a rich infusion with hues of brown and khaki in the leaf. The liquor is extraordinary; bright, with an amber glow and fruit, herb, cedarwood in aroma and taste. The complexity of this tea is derived from the tender, young seedling leaves and buds used for its manufacture, and the special manufacturing method. A sophisticated tea with gentle character and medium body.

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  • Endane Estate

    Endane Estate is located in the Kahawatte region of the Ratnapura District, famous for its blue sapphires and other gem stones. The British first introduced tea to Endane in 1915, and with an area of 625 hectares, it is one of the larger estates in the Kahawatte Plantations portfolio. The elevation of the Endane Estate ranges from 230 metres to 340 metres above sea level and thefactory is located at an elevation of 244 metres.