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Gerard Peter Perera

Gerard Peter Perera

MJF Kids Programme Coordinator, Pallansena

Merrill J. Fernando is an ordinary man with an extraordinary will who still remembers his roots. The MJF Centre in Pallansena exemplifies his genuine efforts to serve the people from the village where he was born. MJF is a businessman who embraced the fruits of his success with humility. His work is soulful and grounded in purpose.

The MJF Kids Programme at Pallansena welcomes around 50 - 60 students from the fishing communities in Kammaltota who come daily to learn IT, Maths, Science & Aesthetics. Last year, our Founder opened the new building at St. Peter’s Fisheries Cooperative in Kammaltota, reflecting the true essence of the collective effort by the Kammaltota fishing community and Dilmah - which has been a part of our journey for more than 14 years.