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M. Sheila

M. Sheila

Tea Maker at Dilmah Head Office

I serve around 210 cups of tea for the staff every day. The work I do at Dilmah is not a job, but a journey of life-changing experiences. It is a place where I saw the beginning of a better life and found people who made me forget all my worries at home. Seeing their faces, smiles, hearing their voices makes me feel loved and appreciated. I had a hard time in life where I had to work day and night, overnight shifts to make ends meet and feed my family. It was during this time that I was recognised by the former production manager at Dilmah for my hard work and commitment.

After many years of grappling with tears and stress of being a single mother, I can finally say that we have our own home — all thanks to the earnings and benefits I received at Dilmah. I am eternally grateful for Dilmah and our chairman for inspiring love and strength in all of us. He would always tell us to work hard and move forward. He is the kindest, compassionate, and understanding man I have ever met.