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Olga Sun

Olga Sun

Hello dear Merill J. Fernando!

We want to thank you for the excellent quality of Dilmah tea. For many years we have been enjoying its astringent taste and pleasant aroma. Having come to your site, we were pleasantly surprised to find out your life story. You think that "business is a means of caring for people." In today's world, caring for people is rare. It is very important that you also care about the environment. Do you think that environmental protection primarily concerns people and the future of mankind, that efforts to preserve the environment are connected with human well-being and result in poverty reduction. Your words struck: “I owe everything to Almighty God. The Holy Bible claims that what we spend on charity is a loan to God, and God pays us in abundance. ” Nowadays, very few people realize this. The Bible contains the words of Jesus, which is also called the Golden Rule: “That you want men to do to you, You also must do to them” (Bible, Matthew 7 chapter, verse 12) Jesus living on earth he did many good deeds, healed people, fed the hungry, and even raised the dead. But the most important thing in his life was a sermon on the Kingdom of God. Why? Because only the Kingdom of God will eliminate all the problems of mankind, it is then that all people will find “true life”. We want to invite you to visit the JW.ORG website. We want to wish you many years and prosperity.

With respect, grateful buyers.