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Ramesh Rajapaksha

Ramesh Rajapaksha

Volunteer & Alumni of MJF Youth, Moratuwa

Merrill J. Fernando is a person who inspires us to believe in ourselves.

I am a second-year student from the Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce at the University of Sri Jayewardenepura. It’s been quite a journey getting this far from moving houses, schools to facing losses and hardships along the way.

My father passed away when I was 10 and it was my mother who took care of my sister and me. Life wasn’t easy and money was tight. We barely scraped by with my mother’s meagre income. During this period, I joined the MJF Kids Programme in Moratuwa. Every day after school, I used to go to the Centre to learn, practice Sports and engage in activities that allowed me to hone my skills in leadership and public speaking. I have won debate competitions, Science quizzes and have become the champion in hurdles at inter-school athletic meets. The MJF Centre deserves my heartfelt gratitude for giving me the opportunity to benefit from its academic & capacity building programmes that were geared to bring out the best in us. During my A/L years, while studying I started working as an assistant fitness instructor at a gym and did a few small electronic & technical jobs to pay my bills. I managed to balance my time wisely between studies and work and excel in the Advanced Level exams with a top Z score, qualifying into one of the best Management Faculties in Sri Lanka.

Merrill J. Fernando is a person who inspires us to believe in ourselves. The Law of Attraction is real. I hustled for years and I am finally living my best days thanks to the positive energy, focus that I brought into my life. None of this would have been possible, if it weren’t for my determination and the support I received from MJF Centre - that continuously showed me I am more than capable. I will never stop dreaming big and I will continue to have the good vibes moving until my dreams become a reality

"Merrill J. Fernando is a person who inspires us to believe in ourselves."