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Sandaruwan Silva

Sandaruwan Silva

Carpenter, Performer & Assitant Teacher at MJF Centre –Moratuwa, MJF Alumni, Moratuwa

I feel a deep kinship with the MJF Centre Moratuwa. I am thankful to our Founder, Merrill J. Fernando for opening its doors so that we could have a better life. 10 years ago, I stepped into this place as a child, not having the faintest idea of what I wanted to do or be. At the Centre, I was able to dabble in things that were far from my imagination. The experiences I gathered and the influential people I met at this Centre paved the pathway for me in carpentry & performance theatre. Over the last few years, I mastered the craftsmanship of woodworking, assisted a puppeteer to create an upcycled Giant Puppet and took part in a drama that won awards at the State Children’s Drama Festival.

Today I provide my services as an assistant teacher to children from disadvantaged families. It is a beautiful feeling when you can give back to others right at the place where it all started. I can’t express in words how much that truly means to me.