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Sister Celine

Sister Celine

Sada Sarana Elders Home, Pitipana

Merrill J. Fernando entrusted me Sada Sarana - Elders Home with the hope of seeing its people being cared for with love and affection. He is a man after GOD’s own heart who lives by the words that the only thing you can take to the grave and eternity is the love and the legacy you leave on earth. Through the work of the MJF Foundation, he gives back to all those in need, putting others before himself. MJF taught us to choose kindness above all.

I always try to keep this place clean, beautiful and welcoming. Every morning, I wake up with a purpose and start the day with prayers. Then, I spend some time in the outdoors, savouring the simple pleasures of gardening. I feel a sense of peace when I take a walk in solace, looking at the

vibrant flowers in full bloom and listening to the birds chirping on mango trees. There is never a dull moment at Sada Sarana when the women are together. They feel happier at heart, engaging in activities of their interests. They keep themselves occupied with reading, knitting, listening to the news of the day and devoting their time for spiritual reflection. Every year, at the Sada Sarana Sale, we give our women the opportunity to sell their hand-made crafts, knits and garments and earn an income through self-employment.