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Staff at Peace Centre

Staff at Peace Centre

Dear Mr. Merrill Fernando,

Today is yet another milestone in your journey of life that marks the entry into another new decade. God has blessed you with an enormous and a rare blessing that not many are endowed with. The journey you have traveled thus far would have been a mixture of a multitude of experiences, both mountain top experiences and in the lowest valley. But God who brought you thus far has been your guide and strength Who made it possible for you to endure it all.

With endless amount of wisdom and countless life experiences, you have truly become an inspiration and a man who has impacted the lives of many. You are a blessing to the nation and beyond, a personality that younger generation can look up to.

This blessed day is nothing but a door, leading you to new adventures, that you will now face one year older, one year wiser, and 90 times blessed.
On this special day, we as the staff of Peace Centre wish you health, happiness and serenity filled with the blessing and the leading of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Have a blessed birthday

Staff at Peace Centre