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Tharanga Madumani

Tharanga Madumani

Former Dancing Teacher at Cape Weligama Pre School

I have worked at Cape Weligama for 4 years as the Child Care Giver, Telephone Operator and Shop Assistant, playing multiple roles as an all-rounder while sharing my passion for dancing with a community of children who brought me my weekly dose of happiness. Every Friday, after my work shift at Cape Weligama, I would dedicate 2 hours for the kids from the surrounding villages of the resort. Dancing became their creative outlet and the way out. There would be at least 50 - 100 students for the class. Although it was overwhelming, I found the whole experience to be liberating, rewarding and empowering.

For years, I have been training little kids for Celebrating Differences - the Annual Concert of MJF Foundation which every parent and child look forward to. I am deeply appreciative of all the incredible work that the Founder of the MJF Foundation has done so far. The MJF Kids Programme in Cape Weligama is just one example among them that give children from less-privileged families the chance to channel their confidence and creative self-expression to sparkle in the light.