Careers at Dilmah

Together at Dilmah, everything we do is committed to quality and ethics. Driven by a passionate tea maker who wants to offer the finest Ceylon tea to the world and bring a whole new twist to tea drinking, everything we do here is deeply grounded to standards, authenticity, creativity and innovation. Whether our job is to design the ultimate tea pack or to process the tea or to promote products, we are united by the same mission: to ensure the goodness, bring inspiration and innovation to every tea lover in the world. Every day, we strive to sharpen our tools and thinking to craft a multitude of concepts for the everyday tea drinker to enjoy a cuppa in ways never imagined. We believe in protecting a planet where every one of us can thrive and we do so by ensuring that we are doing business in a way that it supports both people and the environment around us.

We do business across 100 countries and we need teams that truly reflect the diversity of our consumers and those who can create breakthrough innovations for tea drinkers around the world.

If you are interested in vacancies in tea companies, you can browse through the Dilmah careers which are listed on this page.

Danidu Codipilly Intern – Supply Chain

We have been given the opportunity to work on a 3-month rotation basis within key departments. I have learnt a lot these past months; like systems and processes, managing manpower and most importantly working through a pandemic.”

Gavina Rathnaweera Intern – Finance

“One of my main projects as an Intern is handling the cost comparison sheet in the Finance Department. The findings are reported to the Finance Manager and are used as a decision-making tool.”

Kyle Ortiz Intern – Retail Sales / t-Lounge / Brand Marketing

“I have grown my personal and interpersonal skills being a part of the Internship Programme at Dilmah. I have managed social media accounts, helped with event planning, prepared reports, sat in key meetings and even pitched ideas that have been taken into consideration.”

Vinurie Rajapaksha Intern – Brand Marketing

“The internship programme at Dilmah has given me an amazing opportunity to experience what it is like to work for one of the few global Sri Lankan brands in the world.”

'Internship at Dilmah

The Dilmah Internship Programme (DIP) offers students the opportunity to pursue a career based on their current study path, while giving them corporate exposure in an international company engaged in ethical trade.