Our Teas

Silver Jubilee Elderflower & Apple Infusion

A naturally caffeine-free infusion offering a delicious apple fragrance and crowd-pleasing flavours

Silver Jubilee Natural Infusion of Blueberry

A fusion of berry, orange and sweet fruit notes offer a delicious all-natural fruit, herb, and spice flavour combination

Silver Jubilee Earl Grey Tea

Notes of citrus, jasmine, and orange produce an elegantly balanced Earl Grey Tea.

Silver Jubilee Nuwara Eliya Afternoon Tea

Sophisticated flavour and soft aromas with a golden infusion from the the highest elevation tea-growing region in Sri Lanka

Silver Jubilee Ceylon Original Breakfast Tea

An intense, majestic and perfectly rounded morning tea.

Silver Jubilee Pure Darjeeling Single Region tea

This distinctive Indian tea offers a refined tea experience.

Silver Jubilee Ceylon Rose & Mint

Soft rose scent lifted on the palate by the sparkle of mint.

Silver Jubilee Almond Infused Ceylon Pekoe

High elevation single-region tea infused with natural Australian sweet almond.

Silver Jubilee Ceylon Ginger, Honey & mint

High elevation single-region tea with a deliciously warming, ginger influenced fragrance that leads into a balanced blend

Silver Jubilee Mandarin & Marzipan Pekoe

A bright and brisk high-elevation Ceylon pekoe with a medium-bodied amber infusion and gentle flavours

Silver Jubilee Ceylon Tea With Strawberry

Lightly infused with wild strawberry, is a refreshing and delicious afternoon tea.

Silver Jubilee Natural Jasmine Green tea

The sensual perfume of night blooming jasmine flowers are combined with green tea over seven scentings.

Silver Jubilee Ceylon Full Leaf Green tea

This is a palate cleansing, medium-strength green tea, that is the perfect accompaniment to fine dining.

Silver Jubilee Organic Sencha

The infused leaf produces a light, straw-coloured tea that is mild and refreshing.

Silver Jubilee Organic Leafy Green tea

Lightly astringent, this tea has depth and a medium body.

Silver Jubilee Moroccan Mint Green Tea

This aromatic blend of young Hyson green tea and peppermint leaves is naturally uplifting.

Silver Jubilee Pure Chamomile

Notes of apple, herb, hay and honey create a bouquet of gentle flavours that makes this a perfect naturally caffeine-free evening brew.

Silver Jubilee Blood Orange & Eucalyptus

An inspired blend of sweet orange, lemon and spice in a beautiful ruby red infusion.