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Black Tea

Italian Almond Tea with Sri Lankan Nutmeg

Tasting note & Distinctive Features

Deliciously nutty, a balanced fusion of tea & almond.

A spectacularly aroma and flavour envelope the medium bodied Ceylon Pekoe Tea, in a fusion of tea, almond and real nutmeg. The result is an indulgent profusion of mildly sweet, lightly spicy and prominently almond flavours. The tea produces a medium strength brew that is best enjoyed with honey if sweetness is desired, ideally presented with a garnish of orange, apple or apricot, and pairs beautifully with crème brûlée.

About the product

Caffeine Level


Recommended Time

All Day

Tea flavor


Mood association


Tea Format

Luxury Leaf Tea Bags

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Available product variant (Number of tea bags)

20 tea bags

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Pure Ceylon Black tea with Almond flavour : Black tea with Almond flavour 1.25%

Brewing information

Recommended to use Spring Water

95°C –100°C

2 - 2.5g (01 standard tea spoon) = 1 Tea bag


3-5 Minutes (3 Minutes for Medium brew, 4 Minutes for Strong brew, 5 Minutes for Milk Tea)

Pairing and Recipes

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Dilmah Italian Almond Tea Old Fashioned

pairing image

Mai Tai with Dilmah Italian Almond Tea

pairing image

Moroccan Halibut Steak with Dilmah Italian Almond Tea