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Black Tea

Tropical Breakfast Tea with artisanal Turmeric, Coconut, & Vanilla

Tasting note & Distinctive Features

An explosion of tropical flavours, fragrant and strong. 
Deliciously fragrant, a bright, full-bodied tea from Sri Lanka's Dimbula Region richly complemented by a fusion of natural flavours. Turmeric adds light piquancy, roasted coconut offers a creamy nuttiness and natural vanilla, a perfect finish. The result is a brilliant start to the day − an explosion of tropical flavours, accompanied by the goodness in fine tea, real turmeric and coconut and a deliciously lingering finish of coconut and vanilla. Best enjoyed straight, add honey to taste if desired.

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Luxury Leaf Tea Bags

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20 tea bags

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Pure Ceylon black tea with Turmeric root 4.0% , Natural flavourings ( Coconut, Caramel and Vanilla) 3.0%, Black Peppercorn 1.0% and Coconut 1.0%

Brewing information

Recommended to use Spring Water

95°C –100°C

2 - 2.5g (01 standard tea spoon) = 1 Tea bag


3-5 Minutes (3 Minutes for Medium brew, 4 Minutes for Strong brew, 5 Minutes for Milk Tea)

Pairing and Recipes

pairing image

Turmeric, Coconut, Vanilla Bliss Balls

pairing image

Imbul Kiri Bath With Tropical Breakfast Panni Pol

pairing image

Dilmah Golden Milk Chia Pudding

pairing image

Golden Milk Cheese Cake

pairing image

Dilmah Tropical Breakfast Balinese Vegan Curry

pairing image

Sweet Potato Miracle Bread, Strawberries and Tropical Breakfast Coco Yo

pairing image

Sunshine Tropical Breakfast Bowl

pairing image

Zuchinji and Halumoi Fritters with Tropical Breakfast Hollandaise