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Green Tea

Vivid Fragrant Jasmine Green tea

Tasting note & Distinctive Features

An inspiring green tea with bold leaf appearance, combined with petals of natural Jasmine flowers. The liquor produced by this combination is light and gentle; the special fragrance and a touch of sweetness comes from the night blooming Jasmine flower.

About the product

Caffeine Level


Recommended Time


Tea flavor


Mood association

Peacefulness & Carefreeness

Tea Format

Loose Leaf Tea

Available Product

Available product variant (Number of tea bags)


Available product variant (weights)

150 g


Green tea with Jasmine Petals : Green tea with Jasmine Petals 1 %

Brewing information

Recommended to use Spring Water

70°C –80°C

2 - 2.5g (01 standard tea spoon) = 1 Tea bag


2-3 Minutes

Pairing and Recipes

pairing image

Poached Omani Chicken Breast Marinated with Dilmah Green Tea with Jasmine Flowers

pairing image

Tom Yum Inspired Lobster Salad with Jasmine Green Tea Foam

pairing image

Fragrant Green tea & jasmine burger

pairing image


pairing image

Tom Yum inspired Lobster Salad with Fragrant Jasmine Green Tea Foam

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A Declaration of Jasmine Tea Champagne