About Dilmah Watte Boutique Teas

The experience of enjoying fine tea is an intensely personal one. When using fresh, good quality tea, there is no good or bad flavour - the tea that is good for you is the tea that you enjoy. Tea offers a spectrum of flavours, aromas and infusions and until I was able to bring my Watte Series to fruition, many of these were beyond the reach of tea lovers, they remained almost a Teamakers Private Reserve.

My Watte Series of Single Region Teas recognizes the individuality of every tea drinker. A selection of distinctly different teas from the four premier tea growing regions of Ceylon, each possessing its own bouquet, mouthfeel and flavour. These are teas I have savoured as a tea taster, always dreaming of a day when I could extend the pleasure outside the inner circle of Ceylon Teamen. As I set myself the task of bringing quality back to tea - the same quality that your ancestors once enjoyed but which, the commoditization of tea by large multinational companies denied later generations. Through my Dilmah, I have brought the world's finest tea. Now you can enjoy that quality in my Watte Series - the fulfillment of my lifelong mission.

Merrill J. Fernando
Master Tea Taster and Founder of Dilmah

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