Our Vision

Pouring Water into a Plant by Hands

Dilmah has a strong history in sustainability. Ultimately, we want to ensure that tea continues to be enjoyed today and for generations to come. We want to create a truly sustainable tea industry that is good for people, communities and the planet. Our vision is to offer the finest teas to consumers whilst providing an equitable bargain for producers worldwide through better operations and better quality of life by leading the change towards sustainability while being a fair and equal company. This vision and strategy applies to every brand in the MJF Group, all of which share the same passion for quality and integrity, as well as the ambition to serve our customers in a sustainable way.

By emphasizing sustainable development, both as a concept and in practice, we will be a more robust, competitive and resilient business in the long term. This is why, despite the current economic challenges, we continue to invest in development that makes our business more sustainable.

Various Types of Tea Leaves and Tea Bowls In Rows

In 2016/17 for example, we offered additional central support for projects which can deliver long term benefits in terms of sustainable development. Such support is intended to encourage innovation and to improve our overall sustainability performance, contributing to long term growth in shareholder value.

Dilmah is intensely involved in the communities in which it operates and understand that in order to continue to succeed, we need to play our part now in protecting the environment by addressing related issues such as climate change, water scarcity and waste management. We also continue to address biodiversity issues, source and use sustainable materials and work towards becoming more resilient to climate change. These matters are key areas of our focus and is in the heart of our operations. There are no quick-fixes. In line with our strategy we will continue to search for ways to make our businesses more sustainable and to work with others who share our sustainability values.